If you want to overcome suffering 

and find ways to thrive, 

I would highly recommend working with Melissa. 

She has uncanny abilities in getting to the heart of a challenge quickly, helping you sIt with it

while also guiding you on realizing your own innate strength to handle it. 

Then, somehow, she makes the hard work 

to get to your goals 

feel exciting and not daunting. 

I looked forward to each session 

and can bet you will too!

Angela Craven

Denver, CO


To sum it all up in a few short paragraphs 

would be an injustice. 

To say I have been blessed with Melissa Faith's 

spirit would he an understatement.

I AM enough. I AM strong. I AM worthy. 

And this is just the beginning of learning who I AM. 

Once I opened myself up to her work, I was quickly able to embrace the universe and all of its glory. With Melissa Faith's support and guidance I AM learning to listen to my own intuition, to sit in my crazy, to watch it all unfold. Day in and day out, 

I AM growing. 

I was in such a dark place... 

In a new environment, in a new status of life. 

I didn't think I'd ever see the light. But I did. 

And I AM forever grateful.

With Melissa Faith's lovingly raw guidance, I AM teaching my daughter how to recognize her own inner beauty and strength as well. 

I AM human. 

I continue to fumble but now I get right 

back up and keep going with a smile.

Thank you Melissa Faith 

for helping me find my smile again. 

Mariaelena Sikolas

Los Angeles, CA


Working with Melissa has really been a blessing. 

She has helped me grow more in the 9 months of working with her than I ever thought was possible. The best moments are when I find myself 

realising that I'm actually geniuninly happy. 

I honestly get suprised by this feeling that I haven't felt in a very long time.

My sessions with Melissa feel like a friendly, open and trusting call that always 

serves my highest good. 

It’s amazing to have a non-judgmental, completly open conversation with Melissa there to guide me in becoming more of who I truly am and desire to be

Somehow, Melissa always finds a way to know exactly what I need to further develop 

my intuition and keep moving forward. 

She's quick to adjust and go with what comes up, which makes every session as relevant and personalized as possible. 

Very grateful.

Sara Dahlberg Christensen

Stockholm, Sweden 


Melissa came into my life serendipitously 

at a point when I needed her the most. 

She felt the silent scream of my inner 

child lost, hiding in the woods.

I was in a very scary transition and she

 guided me through while teaching 

valuable tools to work through it on my own. 

Melissa is like this shining light of 

hope and inspiration. 

She was extremely patient with me 

and always encouraging. 

I am at a much happier place in life and with her help realize I am worthy and I am enough. 

Allowing my inner child to feel safe, stop hiding, start playing and enjoying life in the present moment, has guided me in my ongoing growth.

I owe so much to Melissa. 

She is a constant reminder that even the 

smallest of good gestures can make a world of difference to help someone flourish. 

The butterfly effect can create a magical expansion. 

Melissa is very much a beautiful butterfly 🦋

Amy Kilbarger

Charlotte, NC 


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