TRUST your INTUITION led you here

The journey within....

Collectively, we are awakening to our personal freedom and our journey of 

looking within can feel like a difficult one. 

On our journey to self-realization we essentially work through many layers.......

emotional ills, mental conditioning, trauma, self-limiting beliefs that we’ve acquired through life.

And up until now you have, consciously and/or unconsciously, avoided these issues - 

even though you know, deep down, they need to be given a voice.

Yes, WE ALL do it.

Together, we can create your journey to be one of exploration, curiosity, healing, laughter and love.

A journey where you know and feel you are safe to be in your true authenticity.

In being authentic, we show up for ourselves. 

And only by showing up for ourselves, can we then show up for those we love 

(even those we don't love so much!) on this great journey called Life.

My name is Melissa Faith Ramirez and as a Transformative Coach, I walk with you on your journey in embracing your authenticity to create more personal freedom. 

So, I am here to ask you. 

Are you ready?

Ready to...

Embrace the true you

Release your fears

Get out of your own way

Create Clarity from the Crazy

Ready to be one that is a loving, kind, generous, compassionate human being

living in alignment with purpose,

living in a space of gratitude,

from a sense 

of clarity, 

of mindfulness,

of connection,

of love.

(take a deep breath here)


If so, then I welcome you to....

Trust you are here, not on accident.

Trust the above resonates within you.

Trust the possibility of purposeful change.

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