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Welcome to Awakening your Inner Wisdom

Module 1



Collectively, we are in a space and 

“Who am I?” 

is being challenged.  

And it is affecting us in ways that may seem "strange". 

You are not going crazy -

you are just waking up. 

We are all waking up. 

At our own pace, on our own 

self lead journeys.

Here, we will discuss the who, what, when, where and why this mass awakening to consciousness is present today and how you can participate in the shift to consciousness  -  by looking within, healing yourself and living in your true alignment.

Module 2



How quick are we to point the 

finger at the other and blame them for our pain and ”ish”?

By becoming a detached observer, we turn that finger around to see how 

WE are responsible for creating our own crazy, not them.

We tap into understanding our intuition, that internal voice that leads us to our joy, our love. 

Following several great texts and teachers such as “The Four Agreements”, Abraham Hicks, and ”A New Earth”, 

we will explore key principles which allow us to lead a more centered, joyous life. 

Module 3



We will go deep to understand the emotions that keep us hostage.  

Identify the patterns, belief systems that no longer serve us. The things that we hold on to that contributes to creating our own crazy. 

We need to feel it, 

in order to heal it. 

You will learn techniques & tips to support you on your journey within and your 

healing throughout.

As part of this course, I offer 

you a 60 minute private 

video healing session.

Module 4



If we are being burned at both ends, not resting well, eating what does not nourish us, then how can we possibly be in a 

good space to serve others? 

You will explore 

falling back in love with yourself, creating boundaries, shifting nutrition

and caring for your inner child through through games, exercises and 


YOU need take care of YOU!

When your tank is full, you then have the capacity to heal, collaborate, create and

love in this great lifetime. 

Let’s play while creating a personal daily ritual of self-love, self-acceptance 

and self-discipline. 

Module 5



You have the capacity to manifest and create your own reality. 

You no longer need to feel stuck. 

You can get out of your own way. 

Along with the the guidance of your inner wisdom and fine tuning your emotional beliefs, here you will learn how to hone in on your inner strength to create 

more abundance in your life. 

Let’s play with our imaginations, shift our mindset and allow ourselves to visualize and manifest what we desire. 

Isn’t that how “the greats” create?

Learn to become greater! 

Isn’t that why we are here?

Module 6



Life is about relationships - 

with Self and with Others. 

Here, we will explore how 

the definition of relationships, whether it be love, friend, family, work, stranger, colleague has been distorted. 

We will learn how to discern our connections, create boundaries 

and cut ties energetically with those folks and situations that no longer serve us.

Let’s re-create and explore ways to bring more play, trust and growth with those that we dedicate our time to. 

Even with those that may 

rub us the wrong way.

oooh-sa ..... compassion

What does my program offer?

LIVE video workshops

7 week program

90 minutes each live video

Small group


Recorded for later viewing

mid-week integration exercise

One Private Session

Let's go deep

60 min. private, online 

video session 

Can be held before, during 

or after program. 

Up to you.

Private Facebook Group

Ongoing support

Weekly challenges to 

keep you flowing



fun stuff


Glad to see you have given yourself permission to be here

First guidance: TRUST THE INNER VOICE!


To guide you on your journey to self-realization, I’ve channeled and compiled valuable information, curated from over a decade of my own awakening process.

I commend you for taking this step for YOU

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